Eco-Bamboo by Nurturing Fibres

Eco-Bamboo by Nurturing Fibres

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This gorgeous yarn defies description of its beauty! Ethical in its production; bamboo is infinitely sustainable, the whole process is designed by Nurturing Fibres to have the lowest impact on the environment and the greatest possible socio-economic benefit to the small local rural community meaning that it is a guilt-free pleasure to work with and wear.

Solar power is used to heat the water for dyeing and in the dye house the water is gravity fed instead of being pumped. Their beautiful yarns are dried naturally either in the sunshine or over an Aga Stove. All the skeining and balling is done manually and Nurturing Fibres employs Xhosa people from the local area.The water used to soak the skeins in preparation for dyeing is recycled and used to irrigate the staff Vegetable Garden. All other water used in the dyeing process is ph balanced and then used to irrigate the 120 olive trees. The washing of equipment and the yarn is done with Borehole water. As this water is sourced on the farm, it has a much lower environmental impact compared to other water sources. The dyes are Oeko-Teko approved as they do not contain any restricted substances listed on the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 list.

An excellent alternative to silk, it is soft enough to wear next to your skin and a luxury you could knit your knickers out of. The colour depth is incredible with semi-solid and beautifully variegated colours and the high twist nature of this viscose yarn means that it will hold its shape well and give great stitch definition. 

Blend: 100% Bamboo 
Yarn Weight: 4 ply 
50 grams will give you approximately 125 metres of knitting or crochet delight
Needle Size:  3.0 – 4 .0 mm 
Crochet hook size: 3.0 - 5.0 mm 
Washing instructions: Do not bleach. Do not Tumble Dry.  Dry flat, do not hang. Please wash separately.