Signature 4 Ply by West Yorkshire Spinners

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Signature 4 ply range is a great hard wearing and soft yarn that comes in a huge variety of plain colours and lovely patterns. The Cocktail range is a great self-striping yarn inspired by cocktails! Now in are the new colours chosen by Christine Perry AKA Winwick Mum, bright stripes to put some colour in your day. The plain colours of Signature 4 Ply complement or contrast with the patterned ones so you can have plain cuffs, heels and toes or use as the lace edging on a shawl. Washes well and lovely to knit or crochet up. One ball gives one generous pair of socks or three socks for those with size 4 feet or under. Don't save it just for socks as it makes great accessories and garments and is especially suited for children's clothing as it washes so well and has such happy colours. Try using leftover patterned sock to make a colourful yoke for a child's jumper in a plain colour.

British wool, spun and dyed in Britain.

100g gives 400m/437 yards

75% British wool 25% nylon with 35% blue faced leicester wool

Throw me in the washing machine with wild abandon and I will still look fabulous wash after wash.

SALE!! Last few balls of Floral and Sweetshop colourways reduced to £5. When they're gone, well, you know....