Shropshire Ply Luxury 4 Ply Legends

Shropshire Ply Luxury 4 Ply Legends

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This is a truly luxurious yarn that is British through and through. Using British fibre, spun in Yorkshire and hand-dyed in Shropshire, it is unique and exclusive to us. Cauldron of Colour created these beautiful colourways for us with an Arthurian theme.

Arthur is ,of course, the purple with the darkness of his jealousy and hints of red of his ruthlessness running through. Guinevere is blues (a very Medieval colour for women), greys and hints of black. Perceival the forest born knight is the green, pure of heart and the original finder of the Grail. The reds are Morgan le Fay for very obvious reasons, passionate witch that she was. And last but not least, a more obscure member of the Arthurian group of tales, is Isolde wife of King Mark of Cornwall and lover of Tristan. "Tristan and Isolde" has long been one of my favourite stories especially the part where the sparrows are fighting over strands of Isolde's golden fiery hair and King Mark resolves to marry no woman but her. I think I may have digressed there a bit.

Please note these are limited editions.

This new Shropshire Ply consists of 80% Romney lambswool, 15% British combed angora, 5% Bluefaced Leicester.

Please hand wash and dry flat.