Strange Brew by Ludeman and Wessel

Strange Brew by Ludeman and Wessel

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We love this book! This is great for anyone interested in colour work knitting. For the beginner it contains patterns ranging from  very easy to complicated so you can gradually improve your skills set. For the experienced knitter there are a series of recipes so you can create your own colour work designs BUT without too much maths as it has all been done for you, leaving you the fun bit of designing and playing with colour. Patterns in all weights of yarn mean there is something for all seasons, and you can knit it thick and quick or fine and light! If that wasn't enough the pattern sizing ranges from newborn to men's 4XL.

"Join us on a colourwork adventure! Whether you choose to knit one of the 12 designs, or follow our step-by-step recipe pattern to design your own colourwork yoke sweater, this collection invites you to step off the beaten path and get outside your comfort zone!

Photographed on our family road trip around Iceland, the striking knits are framed by exquisite backdrops." Tin Can Knits