Islesburgh Toorie Kit

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Shetland Wool Week 2024 sees Islesburgh Toorie as The Shetland Wool Week Hat pattern. Always a great fun knit, we use this as another excuse to be silly and we hold a knitting race. Missed the race this time? Never mind there's always next year! This year we have decided to have a Shropshire Wool Hat and we are picking our colours from our own hand-dyed local wool. All versions are 4 Ply. One ball of the main colour usually is sufficient but if you are going to knit the large version please add an extra ball of Yarn A.

Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift Version contains:

Yarn A: potpourri 603

Yarn B: purple heather 239

Yarn C: foxglove 273

Yarn D: prairie 812

Yarn E: earth 227

Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight Version contains:

Yarn A: dark navy 36

Yarn B: bright pink 8

Yarn C: marigold 92 (substitution suggested as 73 is out of stock)

Yarn D: light blue 14

Yarn E: purpley blue 131

Shropshire Ply 2020 Version:

Amanda's Version (pink and green naturally): Sorrel (background), Blackberry (previously known as Venus Looking Glass), Primrose, Rose and ladies Mantle.

Becca's Version (has red in it, of course): Shorn (background), Hagthorn, Catkins, Reedmace and Fox and Cubs.

Teri's Version (yep, all blues): Box, Chicory, Sea Holly (for a stripy background), Shorn (for the pattern).