Dye it, Knit it Kits

Dye it, Knit it Kits

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These kits use Kool Aid dyes which are an ideal introduction to dyeing as they are safe and easy to use. We love Debbie Tomkies' dye kits as the instructions are clear and easy to follow and she has a wealth of experience. These kits are great gift ideas for those wanting a taste of yarn colour design, hand dyeing or just for a knitter who has everything, has knitted everything and needs a new challenge. The kits contain the dyes/squash powder, patterns, instructions and yarn.

Kool Aid is a soft drink powder from America which is ideal for hand dyeing animal fibres such wool, alpaca and mohair. It contains citric acid so you don't even need to add a fixer. You simply mix the Kool Aid crystals with water, apply them to the wetted yarn and then heat it to make the dye permanent ("colourfast"). While not as versatile as Procion or some other dyes (these dyes won't dye plant fibres such as cotton for example) Kool Aid dyeing is a quick and easy introduction to hand dyeing.

Hippy Chick Headband

This fun kit includes six Kool Aid dyes, 50g of 100% pure wool DK yarn, gloves, an apron, instructions and a knitting pattern to make this funky headband with your own hand dyed yarn. The only limit to your yarn colours is your own imagination and you'll have enough dye left over to colour other yarn. Perfect gift for awkward teenagers!


Easy Sock Kit

This kit contains a pattern for an easy pair of socks in simple stocking stitch making it an ideal project for a sock beginner or for an experienced sock knitter who would like to try their hand at sock yarn design. It includes 100g of alpaca/wool/nylon DK sock yarn, twelve dye colours, gloves, an apron, instructions and a knitting pattern. You'll have enough dye left over to colour more yarn. Make your own totally unique socks.


Knit and Go! Felted Knit Sack

Dye the yarn using Kool Aid and Debbie's clear and easy to follow instructions then use her pattern to knit a handy bag for keeping yarn (or anything else) in. Felt it to create a strong bag in your own colourway. Great fun and useful. A really good gift for someone who would like an easy introduction to dyeing or a knitter who has it all.


Jacob's Ladder Sock Kit

Create your own sock yarn and then use Debbie's pattern to knit lacy toe up socks. Using the Kool Aid you can make your own entirely personal sock yarn. Great gift idea. Sock yarn included is 90% alpaca and 10% nylon.