Intuitive Color and design by Jean Wells

Intuitive Color and design by Jean Wells

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"Creative quilting brought to you by one of the best quilt designers. It is simply superb for the contemporary quilter and those who want to learn more about the design process."

"The quality of her work is magnificent ... You'll refer to this book again and again." Popular Patchwork

We know there are many quilters out there and we frequently get asked about colours and putting them together so we thought you would like this updated edition of a best-selling art quilting book from award-winning quilter Jean Wells.

Jean Wells gives you the assignment of your life: put away your ruler and use your inner vision to design and piece spectacular, free-form quilts you'd never have guessed you could create. In this updated edition, Jean's workshop assignments get your juices flowing, giving you challenges to expand your quilting horizons. Start by learning to see line and colour; study the nuts and bolts of design; develop your colour work and composition; and when you get stuck, there's expert advice on problem solving. You'll never see quiltmaking in the same way again.