Project Bag by Grace

Project Bag by Grace

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You can fit just about any project in this sturdy and well-considered project bag. With clever poppers to expand or contract the size of this bag it is designed to sit in a well-behaved fashion with a turn-up top to contain any nature of project. All the materials used are British and Olivia's attention to detail means that not only are these bags exceptionally well-made but they are practical and beautiful too. She has thoughtfully added various sizes of pockets within and a delightful lavender bag to keep m*ths at bay and your project calmingly scented.

We have two varieties, British woollen herringbone and natural linen or hand printed velvet and natural linen.

About Grace by Olivia

Olivia took every textile and art class she could in school and has put all her considerable skill, eye for detail and artistic flair to develop a range of accessories and garments using British made and upcycled fabrics. All her products are hand made in Shropshire and her aim is to create well made lasting products. She also grows the lavender in the lavender bags that she makes.