Short Row Knits by Carol Feller

Short Row Knits by Carol Feller

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A great book for beginner and more advanced knitter alike. Really handy patterns with lots of well explained techniques. Carol Feller writes brilliant patterns clearly.

The blurb from the book:

Custom tailor your garments with short row knitting the easy way to create darts, shape shoulders, set in sleeves and more. Add curves and three-dimensional shaping to your knits to create figure-flattering cardigans, wraps, and perfectly fitted hats and socks. Working partial rows into your knitting is simple: instead of knitting the whole row, you stop before you get to the end, then you turn your work, and knit in the other direction. These short rows create the extra length in the fabric needed to fashion graceful curves and silhouettes. In 'Short Row Knits' you'll master the technique via four different methods, so you can choose your favourite. Then find out how to apply short rows to different stitch patterns 20 striking knits you'll want to wear every day.