Spindles by IST Crafts

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Ian at IST Crafts has been working with wood and making the finest spindles for many years. Wood is Ian's passion and he carefully selects each piece exactly for its grain, beauty and for it's particular characteristics to fulfill its purpose. If you haven't spun with a Turkish spindle these are our favourites and due to the design there is no winding off, you just pull the shaft out, remove the arms and you can ply or knit straight from your ready-made ball of yarn.

Ian says the heart of any drop spindle is the shaft. Each spindle comes with a shaft in matching hardwood. All his timber is hand selected but he takes particular care over the 'shaft wood', looking for straight close grained timber. Each shaft is finely hand turned from the acorn bottom finial to the gentle taper of the main shaft. Particular attention is given to the joint to ensure each shaft fits securely to the cross members so ensuring the spindle spins true.

With a design that is unique to IST Crafts the Turkish spindles are small works of art. Small brass weights in the ends of the arms means the spindle will just keep spinning. Please note that the hole in the cross arms is slightly tapered so the shaft will only fit one way. The length of the shafts varies depending on the size of the spindle. The width given is at the topside of the cross members and the length is the total length of the shaft. The lengths may vary by a small amount as they are individually hand turned.