Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible by Hitomi Shida

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible by Hitomi Shida

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This book was originally meant to be a present for the clever half of Ewe & Ply, then I realised that there were other people out there with equally intricate minds that loved Hitomi's book. This book contains beautiful and strikingly original designs and variations on every imaginable classic stitch. This is the perfect book for the experienced knitter who is looking for new stitches that yield spectacular results! It features a wide range of stitches covering cables, popcorn stitches, twisted stitches, edgings and more stitches than I ever believed possible to exist.

    The detailed, step-by-step diagrams show you how to execute all the basic stitches. While instructions and diagrams for a series of small projects offer practice working with large patterns, lacy patterns, pattern arrangement and round yokes among other things. Knitting projects include; a classic hat made using large patterns, elegant scarf in lacy patterns, ever-popular finger-less mittens, thick socks that can be made using various patterns and feminine collar using round stitching.

    If you are a knitter that has been there, knitted that and got ALL the badges then this is for you. If you have a brain that loves lace, cables and the sort of stitches that make me want to lie down in a darkened room, go for it! A fantastic present for knitters and a book for those that want to up their knitting game. Vanilla knitting this ain't!