Collaborative Working.


The woolly world is a diverse one. No one is excluded, and everyone is welcome. That doesn't mean it's full of the sort of people who give in easily, or who don't stand up for what they themselves believe in. Think about it, right now some of the big yarn companies are in trouble, some have already gone, and in their place small businesses like ours are taking hold. If the big guys are failing, what makes us think we can do it? Our absolute determination, that's what. However, no small company makes it alone, we are massively supported by our customers who believe in us, and by the other small companies that we also support. Right now there's another opportunity for the sort of collaborative working that will benefit everyone taking part, and we're joining in.

You may well have heard of Countess Ablaze, if not please go and check out the website forthwith... . Ok, on we go. The Countess had an unfortunate encounter with a local business offering "exposure"  at an event they were arranging (please read this blog post , I can't do it justice here). The resulting new colourway that was the Countess's reaction to this raised a good deal of money for Women's Aid. When the colourway was misappropriated by another indie dyer the Countess's response was to open the doors for everyone, hence the Tits Out Collective (, and we are joining in.

All the dyers taking part will have their own take on this colourway, and we all get to add our name to the main title. You'll get to see them all on 1st July when the Collective launches en masse. Each skein/ball/hank sold will raise at least £3 for a wide range of charities, and will also benefit the small business (most likely) that you buy it from. Look out for the hashtag #titsoutcollective on Instagram.

As you might expect we have our own special slant on this, remember our absolute fascination with wool and textile history, and our tendency to get all medieval? Now just let it percolate a while, and Teri will bring you up to speed next time :)


Happy Wool Fiddling,



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  • For this I’m absolutely nudging my yarn-buying ban to one side!


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