Moving and Shaking

Well it’s been a little while since the last blog post, and a fair bit has happened since then.

Christmas was lovely for us, simply because of the numbers of customers and supporters that popped by to drop off cards and give season’s greetings, that did make us feel loved.

Right after Christmas came our big chance. We were offered the opportunity to take on two single and adjoining units, with the express permission of being able to knock through and create our very much needed double unit. Those of you who have visited our stall will know just how cramped we had become, and how far we had spread outside the confines of our three walls.  We had so much outside our stall it was taking over half an hour to shut up shop!

So, it was rather a no brainer to say the least. We took on the lease of the two units from the beginning of the year, Teri worked some incredible magic and rustled up a builder to come within days, and we packed up Unit 43 into many, many boxes. It all had to be piled into one of the new units, and covered in dust sheets, with Becca undertaking a special bit of derring-do in climbing onto the windowsill to tape tarpaulin to the tops of the walls to keep the inevitable dust in and stop it from spreading to other stalls.

We took away half a transit load of furniture and goods to store, because we ran out of space, how the hell we got all that stuff into one unit is beyond us both!

5 days of hard work, anxiety and a huge amount of lifting and shifting, and we had the basis of our lovely new unit. We now have a wonderful stripy carpet, a fabulous wooden settle (it has storage in the seat!!!) and all our shelves are back in and restocked. It truly amazes us both how much we have achieved in a very short time, and coming to work is a real joy – especially as it is so much warmer in there now we’ve got insulation.


There are more jobs to be done, and these will happen gradually over the next few months, but for now we look towards our calendar of events as it starts to fill with rather scary speed.

Next up we have our special showing of the Yarn film, we have stalls booked in Wonder Wool Wales, Wool@Junction13 and The British Wool Show, and have just submitted our application for Yarndale.

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