Never let it be said that Ewe & Ply left wool fiddlers without wool to fiddle.

Well things have reached the point where we have put out our own statement regarding the current situation.

This is a tricky time for a small business, and we stand to see a huge drop in footfall in the next few weeks, and that could leave a whole load of people with empty hooks, needles and spindles. Both are circumstances we could all do without.

So this is what we are going to do about it all. From Tuesday 17th we stopped our Pot Luck Lunch. With fewer people hanging around for food it’s just getting wasted so we’ll cut back a bit. We will go back to it when the current situation has returned to something a bit more like normal. The Eclectic Tearoom willstay open, so you can still get tea, coffee,hot chocolate and CAKE. We do have enough space for you all to spread out a bit, so nobody has to sit too close to anyone else, if they don’t want to.

We have provided paper towels in the loo.

From this week we will be offering a kerbside pickup option from the Oswestry shop. You’ll be able to phone your order through, pay over the phone and arrange to collect it. Minimal social contact, maximum ease of yarn gathering. 

From two weeks tomorrow (31st March) we will be considering shutting the shop on Tuesdays and offering local delivery instead, area covered and cost to be worked out. The Shrewsbury Market Hall shop will now be shut on Wednesdays and Thursdays as we have some staff in at risk groups.

Workshops and our weekly Stitchin’ meeting will be cancelled and/or postponed. If you were booked on one of these, and paid a deposit please get in touch so that we can refund you. We can be as certain as is currently possible that that the Needle Felted Landscape and Crewel Work workshops will run in the future so you can instead roll your deposit over to one of those.

Of course, this is an evolving situation, and events may yet overtake our planning and change everything, in which case we’ll change it. This week’s statements by the Prime Minister have changed some of the pans we had  already made.

We will stay open, until we must close, but we will continue to offer online and over the phone sales until we aren’t allowed to go to the Post Office. In short we will do whatever we can to keep you supplied, lord knows self-isolation without something nice to do would be a real pain.

There may be other things we can do that might be useful, and we are open to suggestion. We would like you all to stay safe, refrain from handling people if you don't know where they've been and keep your needles busy ;)


Now wash your hands...

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  • Brilliant, although I am looking at this as a chance to get through my stash, a bit.
    Take care all of you

    Merinda Essex

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