Wool Week 2020.

This year The Campaign for Wool's Wool Week runs from 5th to 18th October, which is actually more like a fortnight, but that just gives us extra time to revel in the wonder of wool.

As you probably know, wool is very important to us. Its warmth, durability, biodegradability, environmentally positive nature and the fact that is comes from sheep, of which we are very fond. 

A couple of weeks ago Teri and I took all the wool sacks we had previously stuffed in her dove cot, piled them (plus splendid picnic) in a large van and drove to Curlew Weavers in Ceredigion. We left our precious cargo in Roger's safe hands, and headed off to Llangrannog for lunch.

It was clear that the universe was much in favour of our project. The roads were quiet, something I remain grateful for as I was manoeuvring a high top, long-wheel base VW Crafter through some of the twistiest and Welshest of lanes. There was a breath-takingly sharp and steep hairpin bend at one point that I am still not sure how I managed to get around. Once at the mill Roger had a bit of space for us and the sun was shining. Llangrannog was easy to find and park in. The picnic was of epic proportions, and the beach not too crowded. It was one of those days that was so lovely we had to remind ourselves it was work.

This will be the 5th Shropshire Ply spin, and as with all spins before the fleeces have been very carefully selected to give us a beautiful yarn. In the next few posts I'm going to tell a bit about how we choose those fleeces.








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