Exquisite by West Yorkshire Spinners

Exquisite by West Yorkshire Spinners

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This is a truly gorgeous yarn. A soft, light and warm lace weight composed of 80% Falkland wool and 20% mulberry silk. A delight to work with and a pleasure to wear. It is snuggly, warm and luxurious. Perfect for shawls, light summer tops, scarves and this one you could knit your knickers out of!  The colours are deep and rich. We love this and we're sure you will too. Another triumph for the West Yorkshire Spinners. 

80% Falkland wool

20% Mulberry silk

100g gives 800 metres or 875 yards of crochet or knitting happiness

Hand wash at 30, reshape while damp


40 rows and 32 stitches in a 10cm tension square