Acid Dye Starter Kit

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Hue & Dye acid dyes are easy to use on any animal (protein) fibre, e.g. wool, silk, angora, cashmere, alpaca. Fully intermixeable, light- and colour-fast they can be blended to create a range of colours to satisfy the wildest imagination! Don’t worry, they aren’t made of acid, it’s just that a mild acid such as white vinegar or citric acid (and heat) is used to make the dyes permanent. Turn your undyed yarns or fleece into a fabulous colourful creation! A great way to learn how to use acid dyes.

Enough to dye over 1kg of animal (protein) yarn and fibre!
Includes 3 x 10g Hue &Dye acid dyes, 125g citric acid, accessory pack (gloves, apron, measuring spoon) and full instructions.