Acid Dyes

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Acid Dyes

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Hue & Dye acid dyes are easy to use on any animal (protein) fibre, e.g.: wool, silk, angora, cashmere, alpaca. Fully intermixeable, light- and colour-fast they can be blended to create a range of colours to satisfy the wildest imagination! Don’t worry, they aren’t made of acid, it’s just that a mild acid such as white vinegar or citric acid (and heat) is used to make the dyes permanent. Turn your undyed yarns into a fabulous colourful creation!

These acid dyes are single colour dyes so you won’t experience the colour splitting issues that can occur with blended dyes and your dyed colours will be purer and repeatable. Please note this means that the green is a teal/jade green but all the colours are fully intermixable so add a dash of yellow for a bright green.

Please note that the colours shown are for guidance only. The colours obtained from a dye will vary with the strength of the dye solution and the type of yarn being dyed.