Indigo Dye Kit

Indigo Dye Kit

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A wonderful kit put together by Debbie Tomkies giving you a taste of the esoteric art of dyeing with indigo.

This is a great way to try dyeing with indigo. It is far easier than you think and lots of fun. You put your item in a yellow fluid and as you pull it out, it turns beautiful blue. Magical!

The kit contains:-

  • 100g sodium hydrosulphite
  • 20g indigo extract
  • 125g sodium carbonate
  • accessory pack (gloves, apron, measuring spoon)
  • full instructions

Enough mordant to dye 1kg of yarn, fabric or fibre, the dye extracts will go much further!

Please note that due to difficulties in sourcing thiourea dioxide we are curently substituting it with sodium hydrosulphite in this kit.