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Tops Packs

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These are sample packs that are great to get a taste for various types of fleece. We have a variety of packs from different colours of the same breed to the Round Britain Wool Tours and North and South packs which give you a lovely mix of different tops to try. All tops are available separately but these are great as gifts or just for a bit of fun to sample the wonderful diversity of British fleece. Each pack contains approximately 100g of each variety.

Taste of Finn; 4 natural colours of silky Finnish Landrace tops

Taste of Shetland; 4 natural colours of easy to spin Shetland tops

Round Britain Wool Tour 1; Shropshire- bouncy, humbug Blue Faced Leicester- lustre, Manx Loaghtan- full bodied and easy to spin

Round Britain Wool Tour 2; Masham- lustre, Blue Faced Leicester- lustre, Manx Loaghtan- full bodied, Shetland- easy to spin

Down South; Kent Romney- bouncy and soft, Dorset Horn- smooth, Cotswold- strong

Up North; Cheviot- smooth, Shetland- easy to spin, White-Faced Woodland- strong

Scandinavian Holiday; Finn- silky, Norwegian- silky and strong, Gotland- smooth, Icelandic- strong

For Geek Notes about different breeds, please see individual breeds.