British Fleece Tops

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British Fleece Tops

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We have a varied selection of tops for you to play with. They are suitable for spinning, felting, arm knitting and weaving such as with a peg loom. Please check the Geek Notes for the exact properties and micron count of each fleece. Each sheep breed is exactly suited to the area it originates from and therefore the fleeces vary greatly. You would not want make a lacy shawl out of a Herdwick fleece and equally it would be near criminal to turn Bluefaced Leicester into a carpet.

Price is per 100g.

Please note that these are natural products and so colours may vary.


Black Welsh Mountain: 31-35 microns

Cheviot: 30-35 microns

Dorset Horn: 32-34 microns

Masham: 38-44 microns

Kent Romney: 27-29 microns

Bluefaced Leicester: 26 microns  Geek Notes

Humbug Bluefaced Leicester: 26 microns 

Radnor: 33 microns

White-Faced Woodland: 35-38 microns

Shropshire: 24-33 microns Geek Notes

Norfolk Horn: 31-34 microns

Manx Loaghtan: 29-31 microns

Shetland: 29-31 microns

Falkland Merino: 20 microns

Polwarth: 22-23 micron (from Falkland Islands)