Merino Tops

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Merino is possibly the best all rounder wool you'll come across. It doesn't matter if you're a newcomer to fibre-crafts or an accomplished crafter, the chances are you've already used Merino at some point. These are tops; fleece that has been washed, carded, combed and dyed. All the fibres run in the same direction.

Our fibre is of 70's quality, with a 21 micron count. We find this gives just the right balance between being soft against the skin but still being hard wearing.

The merino is sourced from South America from non-muleising flocks.

Please note that colours are approximate, monitors vary and so does the accuracy of the pictures.

Price is for 25g

Where possible we substitute British dyed tops such as Bluefaced Leicester and Shetland for merino to reduce airmiles.