Argyll's Secret Coast by Kate Davies

Argyll's Secret Coast by Kate Davies

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Treat yourself to a holiday in Scotland! Kate Davies has published another fantastic book full of desirable accessories and garments to knit and wear and wear and wear! Sensible patterns written clearly with beautiful colour combinations. More than just a knitting pattern book!

Need help substituting yarn? Get in touch! We have lots of lovely Scottish sticky wool perfect for these patterns...

"Join Kate, Tom and friends on a journey through a beautiful corner of Argyll. 

Through words and pictures, knitting and writing, history and photography, this book explores the beautiful and intriguing landscape of Cowal, also known as Argyll’s Secret Coast. Geographically proximate to lowland Scotland but topographically distinct; separated from the Highlands by land, yet united to the whole of Argyll by water; Cowal’s is a landscape of hidden places, surprising tales, and many secrets. 

This book celebrates the Secret Coast, but in doing so it also asks a series of larger questions about what it means to make—and make up—the story of a place. How do we read the traces of the past in the spaces of the present? What do we see when we look at Cowal’s marginal and coastal landscapes? Which local tales are best remembered, and which narratives really deserve commemoration? 

The book includes a stunning collection of 12 brand-new designs by Kate, beautiful photography by Tom, and a series of thought-provoking essays exploring the history, landscape and built heritage of the Secret Coast from writers Alex Hale, Michael Hartley, Jamie Stewart Jones, Gilbert Márkus and Stephen Mullen.

136pp. Designed and printed in Scotland."