Laine St. Pierre Darning/ Embroidery thread from Maison Sajou

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Beautiful colours of  a wool mix thread on vintage design cards. Just the stuff for mending your best woollies, and with 96 colours to choose from you can be sure of getting a 'darn' close match.

This is Becca's favorite darning thread. The shade range, easily divislble strands, and the strength of those strands individually or in combination make it hard to beat for textile repairs and embellishments. Exactly what you'll be looking for if you're having a go a Visible mending

The same properties make Laine St Pierre and excellent choice for  embroidery.

Made from half wool, half polyamide fibre, Laine Saint-Pierre is very solid and the colours remain fast.
Length on card: ten metres, in four strands.
Size of card: 7cm width - 9cm high.