Gleem Lace by Fyberspates

Gleem Lace by Fyberspates

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Oh the silky slide and sexy drape of this lace weight gorgeousness! The colour saturation is fabulous. The silk content allows you to create fine work and shows your stitches off to their best advantage. The wool gives warmth. I recently asked a customer who was cooing over it why she loved laceweight yarns so much. "More bang for your buck" she replied. With 800 metres to one skein that is a lot of knitting or crochet happiness.

This beauty is made from 55% Bluefaced Leicester, 45% Silk 

Recommended needle size: 2.5mm-4.5mm (US 1.5-7 UK 12-7) (variable depending on pattern)

800m (874 yards) per 100g skein of beauty

Please wash me in cool water away from the other riff-raff with gentle admiring hands.