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These are what is leftover when we break down one of our great big 500g hanks into the more manageable 50g skeins. Sometimes its an underweight skein of 45g, sometimes its a tiddly ball of 10g.

We've put them together as bundles of either Aran or DK in various colour groups, and in three different amounts.

It's all Shropshire Ply, so it's all local wool, and it has all been dyed by us. Sometimes you'll get a colour you haven't seen before because something turned out differently, sometimes there'll be a biggish skein, sometimes it'll be a pile of little balls. It will all be lovely, and no balls under 10g because anything less would be silly.

How to make the best use of these bundles? Add them to leftovers you already have to build up blanket quantities. Use them in gradient order to create beautiful garments with shifting colours. Try patterns such as the Seaglass Sweater from Wool & Pine, or use them to knit stripy hats and mitts. Use your wildest imaginings, and then please show us what you made.

250g - enough for a small tanktop, or a couple of cushion covers, or childrens jumpers.

500g - enough for a medium sized jumper, a lap blanket, a few hats.

1000g - Enough for a very generous jumper, a twinset, a playground full of hats, more cushion covers than you might need, a decent sized blanket.

DK is approximately 120m/50g and aran is 80m/50g. Stock levels will fluctuate wildly depending on when we're dyeing.

Handwash or machine was using the hand wash or wool cycles. Dry flat, and no tumble drying (you would be sorry).

Photographs are for demonstration only, your bundle won't look like that, but it will be similar.