10 granny squares, 30 blankets by Margaret Hubert

10 granny squares, 30 blankets by Margaret Hubert

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There's a reason that the granny square is the first thing most crocheter's learn: it's easy and fun! The granny square is the perfect foundation for countless projects and is unparalleled for its portability, versatility, and endless variety.

Margaret Hubert shows how you can crochet 30 completely different blankets. Each square is used three times with different yarns, colour schemes, motif arrangements, and edge finishes. You'll be amazed at the versatility of these squares! You can crochet blankets that are perfect for babies, boys, girls, college kids, and grown-ups. Some are crazy, colourful, and fun; others are serene, classic, and sophisticated. Crochet them for bedrooms, family rooms, or dorms.

10 Granny Squares 30 Blankets provides enough designs to keep you crocheting blankets for everyone and every reason for years to come!