Bamboo rulers by SeeKnit

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A useful tool in two lengths. 15cm to keep at home with your knitting needles and 10cm to put in your notions pouch/tin and take around with you. More helpful than you might at first think. Perfect for measuring stitch counts, pattern repeats and swatches.

Marked with centimeter increments, without numbers.

What SeeKnit say about their products - "Unlike any other material, the strong, durable fibers in bamboo make the needles light and flexible. Bamboo that grows in Japan is especially hard and resilient, reinforced by fibers called fibrovascular bundles, giving it excellent luster. We only use carefully selected naturalized ” moso bamboo ” grown in Japan. Bamboo is a renewable resource as it grows extremely quickly. Using bamboo means very little environmental impact and logging bamboo for products such as knitting needles means giving more room to protect our forests. One of the reasons that people have preferred bamboo throughout the years is that it is natural and environmentally friendly."