Buggiflooer Beanie by Alison Rendall

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2023 Shetland Wool Week Hat

What Alison Rendall says about her beanie "After Norse colonisation, Shetlanders spoke their own language which was called Norn. The language has gradually changed over time with Scottish and English influence but many words remain. This is particularly true of place names, bird and plant names. Buggiflooer is the Shetland word for sea campion which, growing in abundance around Shetland’s coast, is the inspiration behind this design. In my designs I like to support Shetland language and culture by using Shetland words keeping them in the forefront of people’s minds. My hat pattern has been designed to use either six or two colours, the latter of which I hope will encourage more people to have a go!"

The Shetland Wool Week hat pattern is always popular and there are an infinite number of colour variations! Let us know if you would like a different set of colours.

Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift

(2ply equivalent to a 4ply/fingering weight); 100% Real Shetland wool; 105m/25g ball

Yarn A: Cashew (342); 1 ball

Yarn B: Ivy (815); 1 ball

Yarn C: Sunrise (187); 1 ball

Yarn D: Rust (578); 1 ball

Yarn E: Ginger (462); 1 ball

Yarn F: Mustard (425); 1 ball


Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight

(2ply equivalent to a 4ply/ fingering weight); 100% Real Shetland wool; 115m/25g ball Yarn A: Shade 77; 1 ball

Yarn B: Shade 90; 1 ball

Yarn C: Shade FC34; 1 ball

Yarn D: Shade 14; 1 ball

Yarn E: Shade 96; 1 ball

Yarn F: Shade 9097; 1 ball