Cables by Knitpro

Cables by Knitpro

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Resilient, flexible cables which lie flat, with no kink or twist making them easy to store. The smooth join allows stitches to slide around needles effortlessly. Long threaded screw-in join ensures that cable and needles stay connected and the tightening hole in the metal join provides extra secure tightening. Specially designed “key” facilitates effortless tightening. End caps fit onto the cable to stop your knitting escaping allowing you to use your tips on another project or to try on garments while working on them.

The new colour coded cables make it easier to identify different lengths. Some lengths available in the older black or purple.

New purple and teal cables have stainless steel cores with 360 degree swivel ends for twist-free knitting. Teal cables have floral design end caps and co-ordinate with the Mindful Collection.


All cables fit all KnitPro needles.