Colourwork in the Round by Anna Dervout

Colourwork in the Round by Anna Dervout

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Are you a keen knitter but have never tried colourwork?

With the help of author Anna Dervout, you'll soon have colourwork spilling off your needles to create delicate yet modern knitwear designs for adults and children.

Colourwork refers to a technique used to knit patterns in multiple colours. An understanding of colourwork paves the way to integrating a vast range of knitting motifs, horizontal, vertical, geometric shapes and/or patterns or stand-alone pictures or shapes.

In Colourwork in the Round, discover different colourwork techniques using circular needles, which are becoming increasingly popular among knitting enthusiasts as they are comfortable, easy and versatile to use.

You’ll learn how to choose your yarns, manage tension, knit in the round, and integrate a seamless change of colour into your work.

Colourwork in the Round does the hard work of demystifying traditional knitting techniques through clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions that guide you through the learning process, and a detailed chapter on how to read a colourwork pattern chart.

Then, there's the chance to put your knowledge into practice to create five gorgeous garments, each suited to a different skill level: create a hat, a sweater or a cardigan and see all your hard work pay off! These lovely designs are inspired by Scandinavian and Fair Isle designs and are bang-up-to-date!

Anna’s patterns are designed to be, above all, relaxing for the knitter; they are written in a clear manner, accessible to beginners, and are also size-inclusive: patterns cater for children from 3 months to 12 years, and women from UK sizes 8 to 22 (US 4 to 18; EU 36/40 to 40/54).