Dyeing Yarn Naturally- Ria Burns

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A step-by-step guide to the process of dyeing yarn naturally from start to finish. This practical book explains the basics of how to colour yarn successfully with plant-based dyes. It starts with a detailed account of how to source your materials and equipment, then moves onto how to prepare your yarn and finally how to dye. Packed with advice and illustrated with inspiring photos, this guide will launch you on a sustainable and creative journey that explores and celebrates the dyeing potential of everyday plants. Introduces natural dyeing techniques, and explains pH and metal modifiers to help you achieve a wide range of vibrant colours. Gives tried and tested recipes and real samples for twenty-five dye plants across the colour spectrum. Advises on how to forage/source your own dyes from a wide range plants. Explains advanced processes required to achieve blue shades using indigo and woad. Provides inspiration towards a more colourful, mindful and sustainable textile practice.

Ria Burns is a sustainable knitwear designer-maker who specialises in working with local wool and natural dyes. She has created thousands of colour samples and dye recipes, and her research into plants and colour is widely recognised. Ria teaches natural dyeing and machine knitting workshops.