Embroidery on Knits by Judit Gummlich

Embroidery on Knits by Judit Gummlich

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We couldn't resist this book! For those who like embellishing, turning a beautiful knitted or crocheted garment or accessory into a work of art, those who find comfort in slow living, meaningful clothing, creative mending and to soothe your soul, we thought this book would inspire you, help those of us who need a bit of artistic help (Teri can't draw for toffee!) and make those dark winter months happier.

“My aim is to provide a trail of knowledge and inspiration you can follow.”

Transform your knits with a handful of simple embroidery stitches: a cosy cardigan embellished with bright flowers, a dragonfly on the front of a sweater and mittens with plants climbing up the back of the hand. This timeless embroidery book features 18 nature-inspired templates, generously complimented by insightful tips and ideas on how to use them. Embroidery on Knits is an in-depth guide to contemporary stitching with and on wool, explaining every step of the process — from planning to finished project. It is a source of inspiration and knowledge for crafty beginners and savvy stitchers alike.

Judit Gummlich is a multi-talented crafter who has worked in theatre costume departments for more than 20 years. She is a passionate knitter, gardener, beekeeper and nature lover. Judit lives with her husband, bees and two cats in Hamburg, Germany. Embroidery on Knits is her first book.

“My goal is to take the readers by the hand and lead them to the many possibilities of embroidery on knits, make them feel confident enough to walk on their own, find their style and give inspiration to become creative.”

Note: Knitting patterns are not included in the book.