Embroidery stitching tool by Clover

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Don't knit, don't hook, what do you do? How about needle punch? Another textile technique as old as the hills and making a steady come back.
Needle punch stitiching goes way back, as far as the ancient Egyptians using bird bones (which are hollow) to pierce fabric. Needle punch was used a great deal during the Middle Ages to embellish ecclesiastical vestments and panels, and is very similar to some forms of rug making.
Needle punch can be trickier to master than more usual forms of embroidery, and tends to use heavier threads and back cloths, but once you get going you can cover your cloth faster and have your project finished far quicker than by stitching with a needle.
The tools are simple. A hollow punch needle, needle threader, different guage needles for different weights of threads and a hoop or frame to keep the back cloth taut.
These embroidery stitching tools are a great place to start, each package contains the tool, a 3 ply needle and a threader.