Frangipani 5 ply Guernsey wool

Frangipani 5 ply Guernsey wool

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From the tip of this island, with the sea at it's heart, we have Frangipani 5 ply yarn. 100% British, spun and dyed in Yorkshire from Texel and Texel cross fleeces grown mostly in Devon.

Frangipani are a husband and wife team who have for the past 20 years supplied knitters with this wonderful durable, worsted spun yarn for traditional Gansey knitting. Originally producing this yarn in five authentic colours, Jan and Russ have found evidence of the use of other colours for traditional fishing village knitting, and so the colour range has grown.

While this yarn has been mostly used for old fashioned fisherman's smocks and textured jumpers, we think it will create lovely sweaters, hats, gloves and outer layers in other styles. Garments and accessories knitted in this yarn will swiftly become favorites for blustery walks and nippy evenings, and will last a lifetime. The close spin gives excellent stitch definition and longevity.

Think of it as a sportweight yarn, and you will quickly find a range of patterns to use it for.


Supplied as either 500g cones, or 250g cones or cakes. We may send your order in cones of different sizes than those ordered in order to ensure the amount you require all comes from the same batch. Occasionally your order may be delayed while we prepare this.

Fewer balls means fewer ends to weave in!

1200 yds/1097m per 500g means one cone will knit into a sensibly sized garment.


 Hand wash and rinse in warm water. Short spin, dry flat away from the sun and direct heat. Steam press.