Proficiency Badges

Proficiency Badges

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Who doesn't love a little badge? Even better, how about a Proficiency Badge?

Becca still yearns for the Cycling Proficiency Badge she was never able to earn, and the Girl Guide Badges that never quite happened. Never made it as Head Girl, but at least there is a Prefect badge around somewhere...

For all of you that never quite got your badges in the same way, and for everyone else who feels there is still time to get a new one, these are for you.

Very special Knitting Proficiency Badges. Designed for us especially by Romy Design and made form sustainably grown wood. 30mm across with a pin fixing and rubber safety clutch. 5 lovely designs that proclaim your ability.

Purchasable online or through the shop, and can be earned through one of our workshops.

Sock Knitter , Brioche , Fair Isle and Steeking, Sweater Star

To complement the Proficiency badges, we now have "Super Power" badges. Declare your own special gift with one of these.