Knitting Techniques - Brioche  Judith Schur

Knitting Techniques - Brioche Judith Schur

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This accessible book is a practical introduction to the technique, with projects to try and ideas for your own designs. Master brioche knitting and create textured, reversible knitted fabrics. Whether you’re a new knitter expanding your skillset or an experienced knitter honing your technical ability, brioche knitting is an essential technique to add to your repertoire. Each single row involves two passes of the needles, knitting half of the stitches and slipping half of the stitches each time, which is very different to most other knitting techniques. Projects can be created in a single colour or by using two contrasting colours, with increase and decrease stitches creating texture and movement on the surface of the fabric. Includes 255 colour images of which 36 are knitting charts plus three two-colour brioche patterns to practise the technique.