Knitting Techniques - Intarsia - Siân Brown

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 Intarsia is a knitting colourwork technique used to create different areas of colour to form a pattern or image on the knitted fabric, without having to carry the yarn across the back of the work. This accessible book guides you through the basics of the technique, how to practise your skills and finally to the stage where you can produce your own original designs. It includes twenty charted motifs from the simple to the more elaborate and provides five full knitting patterns to practice your skills and to use as templates for your own intarsia ideas. Supported by over 200 photographs, sketches and knitting charts, it will serve as an invaluable practical guide to the technique but will also act as a springboard for your own original ideas.

Siân Brown is a knitwear designer for magazines, yarn companies and publishers, working with a team of knitters and pattern writers. She completed a fashion and textiles degree before starting her career as a London-based designer of factory machine knits for high street stores, and then moving on to commercially produced hand knits after that. She has also been a visiting lecturer at London College of Fashion.