Stitch Markers  by KnitPro

Stitch Markers by KnitPro

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Really good quality stitch markers in five varieties.

Locking stitch markers are perfect for crochet and for those of us who are slightly absent minded about taking stitch markers out. Also work well as progress markers and to hold small numbers of stitches.

Split ring markers are easily hooked in and out of your work, so also work well for crochet.

Ring markers are great for marking the spot for increases and decreases. Slip them from needle to needle and keep your raglans in line.

Metal ring stitch markers are designed to be used with the magnetic knitter's necklace, but we think they make a great alternative to plastic just as they are.

Stitch markers to co-ordinate with the Mindful Collection are available here, and there are some lovely little stitch marker pouches here.