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Making Stories Magazine

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Making Stories is new to us and gives you a wide range of patterns in each magazine, all of which are infinitely wearable, fashionable and classic at the same time and use an interesting range of knitting techniques.
A new, advertisement free magazine that aims to showcase companies and makers who centre their work around sustainability, transparency, fairness and equity. This gives them the space to tell their stories, educate and inspire crafters and enable potential customers to make informed decisions.
The magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper and production is kept as local as possible.

In their own words:

We share scenes that tell not just one story, knitwear that is shown on more than one body type, pieces that are being worn as we’d wear them in our everyday life. We publish pieces from a diverse range of voices, we’re interested in exploring and learning from different perspectives and strengthening our community, and we offer a platform for writers who express what they care about in their work.

In Issue 1, you’ll find thoughtful accessories and versatile garments that are designed with change in mind - change in seasons, in the way we work and live, in our choice of materials. We’re proud to be able to share the fantastic work of writers and visual artists with you with pieces that range from disability and knitting to body image, from queering the knitting status quo to what change means for our lives.

In Issue 2, you’ll find cosy accessories and comfortable garments that are inspired by loving and caring for ourselves, our community and our planet. We’re delighted to share the extraordinary stories and visual art pieces of our contributors with you, from discovering the love for your body to finding the common threads in your communities and having necessary conversations on inclusion and racism.

These are lovely magazines that will have a safe place on your bookshelf and will be returned to again and again.

Issue 10

Theme: Heirloom

This is a theme that is at the very heart of Making Stories: To make something we’ll love and wear for years to come.

Put into one word: Heirloom.
The designers drew inspiration from beloved heirlooms that were passed down or by things they cannot wait to wear over and over again.

Designs by...

Andrea Gaughan, Barbara von Stieglitz, Bernadette Hassett, Caroline Blay, Fiona Alice, Izabela Grzybek, Jennifer Brou, Julia Exner, Maren Odenthal, Susanna Kaartinen, Terri Maue