Needle case by Grumpy Wood Gnome

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The Grumpy Wood Gnome emerges every now and then from his shed and brings us a box full of the things he has made. Always turned items, always from local wood and often from bits and pieces he has foraged or reclaimed from somewhere. He selects each piece of wood specially and using skills he has honed from years hiding in his shed, he makes exquisite wooden items. If they don't live up to his exacting standards, they go in his stove. As wood expands and contracts, you may notice that some of the pots don't appear to close on the photographs. They do all close tightly and will meet properly. We never know quite what he will bring so if you would particularly like an item with spalting (darker stripes) please specify at the time of ordering. Sometimes we have notions pots too. If you are in Shropshire and hear a rummaging in the woods or hedgerows and catch a glimpse of a long ginger beard, it may be Grumpy Wood Gnome!