Sharp needles for sewing by Maison Sajou.

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Neat little cards containing 15 assorted sharps for hand sewing. Two patterns of cover, needles are the same in both packs.
Details of the needles:
  • n°3, measuring 42mm, Ø 0,88mm,
  • n°5, measuring 40mm, Ø 0,76mm,
  • n°7, measuring 37mm, Ø 0,69mm,
  • n°9, measuring 34mm, Ø 0,61mm.
They are presented in a vintage style booklet printed with Sajou motifs. As in needle booklets of days gone by, the needles are threaded onto a white paper and two small oval window backed by a rhodoid sheet show the eye and the point.
Size of booklet: 9.4cm x 6.5cm.