Shropshire Ply Naturals 2018 Double Knitting

Shropshire Ply Naturals 2018 Double Knitting

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This is the same gorgeous double knitting yarn as the other Shropshire Ply 2018 but these deserve a page of their own as they are dyed using plants. All of these colours are achieved using madder, weld, meadowsweet flowers, elder leaves, logwood, indigo, pomegranate and alkanet. There are also a couple of colours using Saxon Blue, a dye invented comparatively recently (for Teri) in 1748 using indigo. We use the same techniques employed since the Middle Ages. As the strength and quality of natural dyes varies, please be aware that it is prudent to buy all the yarn you desire in one batch as colours may vary. Also as we rummage in the hedgerow for some of our dyes, when they gone that is it until next year, do not tarry!

Want the full low down on this yarn? The Woolly Muckers at Knit British have reviewed our wool. See what they say here;

34% Welsh mule

28% Shropshire

20% Sherino (Shetland x merino)

18% Bluefaced Leicester


50g gives 120m / 132 yards of truly British woolly pleasure

22 stitches to 30 rows in a 10cm tension square on 4mm needles

Please wash me separately the first time. Afterwards you can wash me cold in the washing machine but lay me out gently flat to dry. Love me for my resilience and squishyness and because I am a limited edition. 

Please note that as this is a hand-dyed range there will be fluctuations in colour throughout the skeins. We strongly recommend that you purchase enough for your project as we cannot guarantee to have exactly the same colour if you run out later.