Shropshire Ply 2019 Double Knitting

Shropshire Ply 2019 Double Knitting

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We (Ewe & Ply) hand pick all the fleeces to go into our spins. We have produced a woollen spun, light bouncy yarn that is a daily go-to hard wearing yarn but still has a softness and silkiness. Shropshire Ply loves colour work as it is a "sticky" yarn and looks great as cables. Our fleece collecting supports local small shepherdesses as we pay a sensible price for fleece which always (as an absolute minimum) covers the price of shearing. Fleeces come from small farms with high welfare standards who raise and keep their sheep with kindliness.

This spin has Dutch Spotted fleeces in it which give a gentle pale grey fleck to the yarn. The Shropshire, Llanwenog and Romney fleeces give a great bounce and resilience, while the Shetland cross Merino and shearling Lleyn give softness and a surprising lustre. With a great range of colours hand dyed at our Dyeworks at The Workhouse Llanfyllin, this is a no-airmiles, non-superwash pure British wool which will keep you warm for years.

Coming soon! A big squishy 500g hank at a reduced price! Take pity on our drooping demonic device, aka Beelzebob's Infernal Winding Device, and buy 500g in one go straight off the drying rack. Saves our pedal power so you save some pennies! 500g of Shropshire deliciousness for £70 instead of £75!

50g of local Shropshire sheepiness will give you approximately 130 metres soft squishy fun

Wash me cold wool wash in a machine or by hand, lay me down flat with love to dry and I will keep you cosy for years