Shropshire Ply 2020 4Ply

Shropshire Ply 2020 4Ply

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Our newest Shropshire Ply spin. A beautiful, bouncy and sticky 4 ply, spun in Ceredigion from a blend of Shropshire, Dutch Spotted, Llanwenog, Lleyn, Castlemilk Moorit and coloured alpaca fleeces. All from small flocks within 20 miles of Oswestry.

We carefully select and personally inspect the fleeces that go into any Shropshire spin, so we know they are of excellent quality. Once we have the yarn back from scouring and spinning it goes into our dye pots at Y Dolydd in Llanfyllin. This particular blend of fleeces, with the subtle colouring from the Dutch Spotted, Castlemilk Moorits and alpacas has given us a gorgeous range of muted, heathery shades that have both of us reaching for the Fair Isle patterns.

All our colours are hand-dyed in small batches to give lovely, semi-solid shades. Please be aware that dyelots may differ so it's a good idea to get all the yarn for your project in one go.


100g gives 370m approximately. Handwash.