Stitch Markers - Numbers by Jenerates

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Jenerates stitch markers, with numbers with closed rings or lobster clasps.


Each set has numbers 1 to 9, plus a Jenerates marker complete with a tiny bee.  Very useful these for things like working Aran. They work the same way with the components of a garment, so number 1 might be the back of the right sleeve, number 2 the front of the right sleeve and so on. 

 The numbers are cut out so they won’t rub off, though really it’s because they look lovely.

 Packaged in a tin, hand-stamped outside and in. 


The closed ring markers fit needles up to 8mm, and are made with soldered closed rings, so they’re completely smooth and won’t snag the yarn fibres. 

Each marker measures 25mm x 10mm x 4mm thick. 

Made in Scotland from FSC approved cherry wood veneer, with silver plated and steel findings.