Wraps Per Inch Tool by Jenerates

Wraps Per Inch Tool by Jenerates

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One of those "however did I manage without" tools.

A clever little doo-dad that will help you determine what weight your handspun or unlabelled yarn is, no more guessing!

Either lie the yarn in one of the groves or wrap it around the tool so that the strands lie next to each each (not taught) in the inch-wide cut-outs either end. Count the number of strands you can fit in and check against the numbers for each weight written above he grooves. Easy peasy.

Hand made in Scotland by Jenerates from FSP approved cherry veneer, and finished beautifully.

Dimensions - 7cm x5cm  and 4mm thick approx, fits very neatly in Becca's tobacco tin notions carrier.