Ziggurats by Asa Tricosa

Ziggurats by Asa Tricosa

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16 elegantly seamless designs, sweaters, cardigans and tutorials, all put together using Asa's innovative Ziggurat methods. 

Asa's style of knitting minimises the cutting and joining of skeins, and maximises flowing and seamless knitting. The clever and addictive Ziggurat method produces well-fitting and well-finished garments.

Suitable for novices and experienced knitters alike as Asa provides step-by-step instructions for those new to sweater knitting, and detailed tutorials for those who wish to adapt and customise the designs to suit themselves.

Asa uses a range of weights and types of yarn, so you can find a pattern to suit any stash yarn, or for that gorgeous souvenir yarn you don't quite know what to do with :0)